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Journal of Social Science Education Volume 12, Bulent Tarman The Impact of Social Media on Globalization, Democratization and Participative Citizenship* Keywords Social media, citizenship
PDF On Aug 22, 2017, Bimali Wijesundara and others published The Impact of Social Media on Brand Image: A Study of Higher Education Industry in Sri Lanka
The communication capabilities provided by social media are also being used to improve clinical education. 5 The high usage rate of social media by 18- to 29-year-olds has motivated the adaptation of clinical curricula to reflect the changing habits and culture of incoming students. 1, 5 Many studies have described the use of social media tools to enhance clinical students’ understanding of
of social media has cut across all facets of society with its positive and negative impacts. Social Social media has transformed and impacted on communication, learning, research and education in

The positive impact of media on education can be studied according to the types of media like print, radio, television, computers, internet, mobiles and others. 13. 4.2.1 Impact of Print media in Education Fr. Francis Arackal said, “Newspapers are common man’s university”.

Impact of media on education

(PDF) The Impact of Social Media on Brand Image A Study