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Inclusive economic growth is one of key challenges facing countries across the globe, notwithstanding initial conditions, particularly following the 2008 global economic slowdown. This paper searches for links between the quality of institutions, economic policies, economic growth and employment creation in low-income countries, using the
Nigeria E-mail: ABSTRACT. Finance is vital for inclusive growth. The financial market is the mother of all markets; hence financial inclusion is critical to achieving inclusive growth in the economy. The importance of financial inclusion arises from the problem of financial exclusion of nearly 3 billion people from the formal
on a path of sustainable, all-inclusive and non-inflationary growth. The implication of this is that while rapid The implication of this is that while rapid growth in output, as measured by the real gross domestic product (GDP), is important, the transformation of the
In Nigeria, agriculture remains one of the major keys to inclusive growth, in view of the fact that the sector provides employment for about 60 percent of the economically active population, and 70 percent of the country’s poorest communities.
performance and inclusive growth in Nigeria for the period 1990-2013. This work will extend the This work will extend the frontiers of literature in respect of the Nigerian experience as most of …

the theme of “Accelerating Inclusive Growth for Sustainable Human Development in Ethiopia.” It is It is over 15 years since the last National Human Development Report for Ethiopia was published and
inclusive growth have prevented most Nigerians from benefitting from the country’s robust economic growth. Working with the private sector and the Nigerian government under the
Financial development is a multidimensional concept that constitutes a potentially important mechanism for long run growth in an economy. However, short-run gains at the expense of long-run growth coupled with various exogenous factors could have precipitated economic fluctuations in Nigeria. Therefore, efforts to moderate these fluctuations by
AND ECONOMIC GROWTH IN NIGERIA 20 2 inclusive growth Improve well-being President Buhari’s election manifesto 10-12% annual growth ormaInf tion technology, manufacturing, agriculture and entertainment as drivers of the economy Source: Deloitte review based on the National ICT Policy, National Broadband Plan, Vision 2020, Transformation Agenda, UN Sustainable Development Goals, …

Leveraging Partnerships for Economic Transformation and

Determinants of Economic Growth in Nigeria Evidence from

inclusive cities, a wide range of factors drive exclusion in cities, including but not limited to: • A policy focus on economic growth at the expense of inclusion; • High competition between cities for investments, which incentivizes reducing social protections and
Nigeria’s recent growth is often poorly understood Nigeria earned a reputation for erratic growth and instability in the decades following independence in 1960.
98 Ibukun Cleopatra Oluseye et al.: Determinants of Inclusive Growth in Nigeria: An ARDL Approach macroeconomic policies, institutional lapses and bottlenecks,
lack of inclusive growth are a reminder of the importance of developing strong institutions on the one hand, and of expanding the benefits of the formal economy to encourage economic growth and opportunity on the other.
Nigeria, explaining the concept of inclusive growth, describing delivery of inclusive growth and proposing measures for delivering inclusive growth to achieve economic development in Nigeria.
PDF Nigeria has experienced rapidly rising income and non income inequalities in the last decade, leading to increasing concerns that the benefits of the country’s GDP growth are not being
and is considered to be critical for achieving inclusive growth in a country. This realisation, in the recent past, was the major impetus for the adoption of policies and measures aimed at growing global financial inclusion as a
Abstract: The study is on the effect of Net capital inflow on inclusive growth in Nigeria. This study seeks to deepen the understanding on how capital inflow creates opportunity for inclusive growth in Nigeria through increase in GDP per capita. The  objective of the study were to : determine the effect of  Net capital inflow ,   Net foreign direct  investment  and  trade
therefore recommends among others; that government should operate inclusive growth economy to tackle poverty and unemployment. It is therefore concluded that positive growth has not translated into development of human component in Nigeria as evidenced by high and rising rates of unemployment and poverty of almost 70% and low Human Development Index (HDI). Keywords: Development, …
This paper examined the relationship between peace, security and inclusive growth in Nigeria. Countries that are peaceful, secured, and allow people to contribute to the growth process have efficient institutions, larger local and foreign private sector investments, less risk and

Financial inclusion entails access of the populace to financial services to tackle poverty, improve welfare and general standard of living; which consequently promote economic growth. Using a
Ogbomoso,Nigeria. ABSTRACT: Inclusive financial arrangement is becoming a policy issue in both developed and developing nations of the world as it has been perceived as a veritable tool for poverty alleviation and economic development. This paper examines the effects of financial inclusion on the economic growth of Nigeria (1982-2012). Data for the study are collected mainly from secondary
financing options that can induce desired economic growth in Nigeria. The research questions The research questions in relation to agriculture financing and economic growth in Nigeria …
Inclusive Growth and Sustainable Human Development in Nigeria Previous studies have confirmed the position that higher education is a sine-qua-non for human capital development and economic growth. The 2014 rebasing of Gross Domestic Product made Nigeria the 26 th largest economy in the world and the biggest in Africa.

financial inclusion and its multiplier effects on growth outcomes and poverty reduction in Nigeria, hence, the relevance of this research. 12.2 Branches of Financial Inclusion in Nigeria
16/01/2015 · An inclusive growth strategy can only be effective if it does not undermine economic incentives. This is a further reason why the Benchmarking Framework concentrates in large part (but by no means exclusively) on policy levers that influence …
1 Inclusive Growth in the Middle East and Africa – June 2015 1 Trade and Development Report, 2013, UNCTAD, Geneva. Chapter One. Why Inclusive Growth is Critical
Introduction. On Tuesday 13 December 2011, the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria presented the 2012 Federal Budget proposal to the joint session of the National Assembly under the
Digital Finance takes centre stage at Financial Inclusion Summit in Nigeria L-R: Professor Njuguna Ndung’u, Former Governor, Central Bank of Kenya, Mrs. Elly Ohene-Adu, Head of Bank- ing Department, Bank of Ghana and Mr. Godwin Emefiele, Governor, Central Bank of Nigeria at the Business Day Financial Inclusion Summit in December, 2016 The summit featured the launch of a study conducted …
further boost Nigeria’s overall development and inclusive growth. It is in recognition of the leadership role and strategic importance of Nigeria to the Bank and Africa that the Nigeria Field Office was
Inclusive Growth UNDP Nigeria’s approach in poverty reduction is deeply rooted in an inclusive sustainable framework that focuses on both the institutions and the people. In partnership with the national and State governments, upstream strategic interventions have been designed to correct governance and institutional weakness and therefore provide the enabling framework for the …
The arguments for a growth-centered model for lifting millions in developing countries out of poverty appear unassailable until we are confronted with the case of Nigeria. Nigeria has been growing
benefits of urban growth through inclusive planning, in order to ensure the urban spatial framework can facilitate economic growth that is spread out in all facets of the urban area. Similarly, such initiatives aim to promote inclusive decision-making and poverty alleviation
the menace of non-inclusive growth in Nigeria, fiscal policies implemented has left behind a prolonged deficit balance on the Nigerian budgetary system. The sustained deficit budget accompanied by a cyclical non-inclusive growth in Nigeria implies an existence of relationship between fiscal deficit and economic growth unless it is empirically proved otherwise. Fiscal Policy can be defined as a

May 2014 Nigeria’s renewal Delivering inclusive growth in

Financial Regulation in Low-Income Countries: Balancing Inclusive Growth with Financial Stability. The Nigeria Case i Acknowledgements This paper is an output of the Grant “Financial regulation in low-income countries:
relations to inclusive growth by researchers in Nigeria. This paper, hence, focuses on the impact of SME financing and inclusive growth (poverty, economic growth and unemployment) in Nigeria. The research of this paper is organised as follows; review of relevant literature, Section 3 focus on data and methodology and section 4 provides some recommendations for achieving inclusive growth in
GROWTH WITHOUT DEVELOPMENT IN NIGERIA: CONFRONTING THE PARADOX 1 By AKPAN H. EKPO 2, FNES + Paper presented at the 43 rd Annual ICAN Conference held at the International
inclusive growth in Nigeria through increase in GDP per capita. The objective of the study were to : determine the effect of Net capital inflow , examine the effect of Net foreign direct investment and effect of trade openness on inclusive growth in Nigeria. The study
Financial development is a multidimensional concept that constitutes a potentially important mechanism for long run growth in an economy. However, short-run gains at the expense of long-run growth coupled with various exogenous factors could have precipitated economic fluctuations in Nigeria
2002, McKinsey has helped support the growth and development of Nigeria. Since opening its Lagos office in 2010, McKinsey has completed more than 200 projects in the country, serving a range of private local companies, multinationals,
Inclusive Growth pattern in Rural Southwestern Nigeria: Opportunities and Challenges Omotola Aderonke M*, Okoruwa Victor O** *Department of Agricultural Economics, University of Ibadan, Ibadan, Nigeria
A new report from the McKinsey Global Institute (MGI), Nigeria’s renewal: Delivering inclusive growth in Africa’s largest economy, examines how the country can live up to its economic potential while making growth more inclusive, thus bringing more Nigerians out of poverty.
The study found that for Nigeria’s sub-nationals, the null hypothesis of non-inclusive growth was rejected for the different poverty measures. This paper aims to estimate and rank the performance of sub-nationals in terms of their quality of growth using an index of inequality elasticity of poverty.
particularly evident in Angola and Nigeria, countries that feature economies driven by the petroleum industry. Therefore, the major objective of this paper is to shed light on the challenges associated with lack of inclusive growth in Sub-Saharan Africa. The paper employs empirical data to analyze Angola and Nigeria case studies, which reveal both countries as resource-rich economies featuring


Human capital development and inclusive growth: Implications for achieving SDG-4 in Nigeria Background: This paper examines the relationship between human capital and inclusive growth and how it can be a viable tool for driving the achievement of the Goal-4 of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
inclusive growth and development in Nigeria The presenter assessed a declaration made by the current Nigerian government that ‘economic transformation’ is underway in the country.
What is Inclusive Growth? Strategies for Sustained Growth and Inclusive Development (Commission on Growth and Development, 2008). The commission notes that inclusiveness – a concept that encompasses equity, equality of opportunity, and protection in market and employment transitions – is an essential ingredient of any successful growth strategy. Here we emphasize the …
growth – not because growth is unimportant, but because poverty and inequality represent the most significant barriers in Africa to achieving sustainable and inclusive growth.
Journal of Advanced Research in Business and Management Studies Volume 12, Issue 1 (2018) 1-12 2 Penerbit Akademia Baru most economies, the objectives of monetary policy include price stability, maintenance of a balance
“Inclusive growth and ensuring a future with quality jobs are the concerns of governments everywhere. Travel & Tourism, which already supports one in
ECONOMIC REPORT ON NIGERIA 3 The guiding theme for the 2013 fiscal policy is “fiscal consolidation with inclusive growth” with four main pillars that include macroeco-

Financial Regulation in Low Income Countries Balancing

Delivering Inclusive Growth for Economic Development in

Office for Nigerian Content Development in ICT (ONC) National Information Technology Development Agency (NITDA) Country Experience –“ Efforts for Inclusive E-commerce Regulation and Growth in Nigeria ”
University of Ibadan, Nigeria Email: Abstract This study conducts an empirical analysis of the effects of fragility and financial inequalities on inclusive growth of African countries. In order to achieve this, we developed a unified measure of inclusive growth which is decomposed into growth and distributional components which capture the 2 dimensions of inclusive
growth opportunity and making growth more inclusive. On health and literacy On health and literacy metrics, Nigeria lags behind other developing economies that spend a similar
economies Article An Investigation of (Non-) Inclusive Growth in Nigeria’s Sub-Nationals: Evidence from Elasticity Approach Enobong Udoh 1,* and Ndem Ayara 2
Inclusive Growth, Poverty and Social Sector Development in India. International Journal of Management and Development Studies, 3(2), 1-8. International Journal of Management and Development Studies, 3(2), 1-8.



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