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2016/17 TAX RATES Peat House Newham Road Truro Cornwall TR1 2DP Telephone: 01872 276116 Fax: 01872 222172 ROBINSON REED LAYTON CHARTERED ACCOUNTANTS CHARTERED TAX ADVISERS and. INCOME TAX RELIEFS 2016/17 2015/16 Personal allowance – born after 5 A pril 1938 £11,000** £10,600** – born before 6 A pril 1938* £11,000** £10,660** (Reduce …
The tax rates mentioned above are those provided in the Income tax Act, 1961 and as amended by the Finance Act 2016, are applicable for the financial year 2016-17 relevant to assessment year 2017-18.
Tax tables We produce a range of tax tables to help you work out how much to withhold from payments you make to your employees or other payees. A tax withheld calculator that calculates the correct amount of tax to withhold is also available.
Every year the income tax rates are changed and it is important to get the latest income tax rates. We give below the Income Tax Rates and Slabs applicable for the FY 2016-17 or AY 2017-18. [ As there was no change in Income Tax slabs for FY 2016-17 (i.e. AY 2017-18), the following rates were also applicable for FY 2015-16 (AY 2016-17) & FY 2014-15 (AY 2015-16)
The Income Tax Act, 1961, and the Income Tax Rules, 1962, obligates citizens to file returns with the Income Tax Department at the end of every financial year. These returns should be filed before the specified due date i.e. 31st July 2016 and last Date of Filling is 31st March 2017 . This form is issued by the Income Tax Department of India and is an integral part of the rules laid down by

Since FY 2014-15 there has been no changes in the Income tax slab rates.The same tax slab is applicable for FY 2016-17 and AY 2017-18. However Middle class Income tax payers,Who’s Income is less than 5 lakh can enjoy the benefits of tax relief of Rs 3000 through rebate under Section 87A.
Income Tax Rate – Local Authorities Alternate Minimum Tax [AMT] – Other than a Company Income Tax Rate – Individuals, Hindu Undivided Families (HUF) and Artificial Jurisdictional Person
Tax is charged at different rates on the range of income falling under different income tax slabs. The Income Tax Act 1961 is the law that governs the provisions for our income tax. The income tax rates are usually revised every year during the budget.
Depreciation Rates as per Income Tax Act For A.Y 2017-18 & FY 2016-17. Download Depreciation rate chart for AY 2017-18, 2018-19 as per income tax act in PDF Format.
Depreciation Rates: The complete guide about Depreciation is as follows. Depreciation Rate Chart for AY 2016-17 helps you know the Income tax depreciation rates for various assessee types.
@ 2% of such income tax, provided that the taxable income exceeds Rs. 1 crore subject to Marginal Relief. @ 5% of such income tax, provided that the taxable income exceeds Rs. 10 crores.

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Amendments made in Income-Tax Act

As the slab rates are not fixed we have provided the Income Tax calculator for each Assessment/ Financial year separately. Get complete details about Income Tax Slab ..
For the Assessment Year 2016-17, a partnership firm, LLP, Local Authority are taxable at 30% Add: a) Surcharge: The amount of income-tax shall be increased by a surcharge at the rate of 12% of such tax, where total income exceeds one crore rupees.
India. PKF Worldwide Tax Guide 2016/17 1 . FOREWORD Companies is computed after reckoning income tax at prescribed rates and surcharge (SC) computed on income tax. The aggregate of income tax and SC, wherever applicable, is further increased by 3%
Depreciation rates as per Income Tax Act (For A.Y 2016-17 & 2017-18). Depreciation Rate Chart As Per Income Tax Act. Download Depreciation Rate Chart as per Income Tax Act. depreciation rate chart as per income tax for 2017-18.
rate or rates of income-tax specified in an agreement entered into by the Central Government under section 90 or notified by the Central Government under section 90A, whichever is applicable. Amendments as per Finance Act, 2016 – applicable for June 2017 terms of Examinations

For 2016/17 savings income is charged at 0% for income up to £5,000. Above this limit savings income is charged tax at the basic rate of 20%, up to the basic rate limit of £32,000.
Territorial Tax Rates for Income Earned by a General Corporation Effective January 1, 2016 and 2017″ and “Combined Federal and Provincial/Territorial Tax Rates for Income Earned by a General Corporation Effective January 1, 2016 and 2017”.
Income tax rates for 2016-17 in India Tax Planning Calculator 921 views No changes have been made to the existing income tax slab rates for Financial year 2016-17 in the recent Budget announced by our Honorable Finance Minister.

Depreciation Rates for AY 2017-18 as per Income Tax Act 1961

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Depreciation Rates as per Income Tax Act For A.Y 2017-18

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Income Tax Rates/Slabs For A. Y. 2015-16 & A. Y. 2016-17

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